The Clambake will be provided by Andy Burke.  We will set up long communal tables along the Rocky waterfront. There is a 325 person maximum, filled on a first come, first serve basis.  Please appreciate this event is popular and we will give  priority to members to sign up  until August 25th. If there are spots, we will allow signups for guests, starting on August 26th through August 30th for 2-4 guests.  On August 30th all reservations are final.   Once the list exceeds 325 people you will be added to the waiting list.  Cancellations are allowed before August 30th (Please send an email to events@rockypointclub.com).  Anyone canceling after this date will be charged in full.


Meal options

All meals include: Corn on the cob, pasta salad, field garden salad and watermelon.

$ 40: Lobster Clambake : One lobster with potatoes clams and mussels
$ 20: BBQ Chicken : Chicken and/or hamburger/hotdog
$ 15:  Children's meal - age 12 and under, Chicken and/or hamburgers/hot dog

IMPORTANT INFO: You do not need to book tables, just the number of people and the options you want. 

Sign in will be open to members and their immediate families only from August 18 to August 25.
Reminder: guests fee for Sunday, including the clambake, is $5.

All Members must fill out form below to register for the Clambake.

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