Welcome to RPC Jr. Sailing.  Our summer schedule is now posted.  We are looking forward to our 2017 season, running from the week of June 19 through August 11.  The first day of classes will be announced shortly.  Registration will open on April 17 and must be completed by June 1.  Registration for sponsored, non-member sailors will take place after member registration closes.

As part of registration, parents are required to execute participation, liability and medical release agreements on behalf of all Jr. Sailors.  These agreements are located on the RPC site under the members-only “forms” tab.  Parents must also register sailors and execute waivers with JSALIS at [https://roster.jsalis.org/index.php].  A fee of $65/sailor will be assessed to your RPC account.

All Jr. Sailors must have their own boat to use when participating in the program.  Limited rentals from the club are available.


Junior Sailing Association of Long Island Waiver Agreement

Save the Date

Boat check (needs to be done only once and is mandatory for all program participants) – afternoons during the week of 6/12

Parent meeting, cook out, and final day for boat check – 6/25

Program Duration – The program begins during the week of June 22 and runs through August 11 (the first day of class is dryland training and swim test only)

RPC Breakwater Cup Regatta – 7/24

Sailing Banquet – 8/6

Contact Us

Junior Sailing Chairs
Amy Leahy & Thomas Flakstad

Sailing Director
Adrian Pagdin

Head Instructor

Kyle Ferguson

To the Parents of Optimist Sailors:

When registering, please indicate whether your optimist sailor will need to rent a boat from the club.  A lottery for rentals will be conducted among registered optimist sailors as of May 15, 2017. 

Please also make sure to indicate whether your child would be willing to time-share a boat with another optimist sailor that is participating in a program running on a different schedule.  For example, siblings participating in Opti I and Opti II could time-share a boat given these programs happen at different times during the day.  Please note, however, that a conflict with the time-share will arise if both sailors plan to participate in our RPC Breakwater Regatta (on the same day at the same time).  

2017 Sailing Programs

Opti I:  For sailors who are at least 8 years old, this is Rocky's traditional beginning seamanship class.  Students will learn parts of the boat, rigging, points of sail, tacking, jibing and simple tactics.  Emphasis is on safety, fun and confidence on the water.  Each sailor is required to have an Optimist sailboat.  The cost for members to participate in the 4-day/week Opti I course is $925 for the summer and does not include a boat rental.  The cost for members to participate in the 5-day/week Opti I course is $1025 (due to the extra day) and does not include a boat rental.

Opti II:  For sailors who have completed a prior Optimist class AND have demonstrated mastery of those skills.  Depending on enrollment, classes may meet in the afternoon or more likely, a combination of mornings and afternoons.  Each sailor is required to have their own Optimist sailboat.  The cost to participate for members in the 4-day/week Opti II course is $925 for the summer and does not include a boat rental.  Sailors are encouraged to compete in JSA regattas at other clubs on Long Island Sound. 

Opti III: This is for children looking to continue to develop their sailing skills and start competing in JSA regattas.  The cost for members to participate in the 5-day/week Opti III course is $1025 (due to the extra day) and does not include a boat rental.  Each sailor is required to have their own Optimist.

Double Handed / Advanced Sailing Program: For those sailors who want to continue building their skills and / or learn teamwork in double-handed boats, Rocky Point Club offers advanced sailing in Lasers and 420s.  The 420 is the predominant double-handed boat used in JSA, High School and College Sailing programs.  The cost for members to participate in all 5-day/week double-handed sailing programs is $1050 for each participant, in addition to any boat rental.

420s:  For those sailors who are at least 14 years old by December, and have mastered the skills of Opti III.  Sailors are required to have a 420 sailboat.  Sailors younger than 14 who have completed Opti III / Advanced are welcome to participate upon approval from the Head Instructor and Sailing Program Chair.  This program is designed for more serious sailors that have completed the Opti program.  Emphasis will be on techniques required between skipper and crew using spinnaker, mainsheet and jib, as well as advanced racing tactics. Sailors are encouraged to compete in JSA regattas at other clubs on Long Island Sound and at any Rocky Point Club regattas.  Age and weight restrictions apply as per JSA rules.  The JSA racing rules indicate attainment of age 14 by December, but this can be waived for sailors crewing with more experienced skippers.

Lasers: These boats are the alternative to double-handed sailing for older children.  This 14’ boat is one of the most popular boats in the world and will allow older sailors to continue to develop their sailing and racing skills.  Sailors will sail daily with the double-handed sailors.

Taste of Sailing: For sailors between the ages of ~6 and 8 meeting on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, or all three days (select 1, 2 or 3 day option on the registration page).  Utilizing one of Rocky Point's Ideal 18' keelboats, approximately four students will join one instructor to take to the seas for a fun introduction to sailing.  Students get a chance to operate the tiller, trim the main or jib, learn basic sailing skills and terminology, while the instructor does all the hard work.  The cost for members is $150 (1 day) $300 (2 days) or $450 (3 days).  Registrants are required to have their own life jacket.


Rocky welcomes a limited number of non-member sailors who pay a higher charge based on the club subsidy to the program.  If you are interested in sponsoring a non-member sailor please share these materials with people who have children eligible to participate and help them with online registration after June 1, 2017.  Fees are subject to the non-subsidized rate of 150% of regular member prices.  They can pay the club directly via check prior to the start of the sailing program; otherwise we will charge your account.  Non-Member program fees, not including rental fees, are as follows:

Opti I (4-day): $1,387.50

Opti I (5-day, mornings): $1,537.50

Opti II (4-day): $1,387.50

Opti III (5-day): $1,537.50

Advanced Sailing (5-day): $1,575.00  

Taste of Sailing (1-day): $225.00 

Taste of Sailing (2-days): $450.00 

Taste of Sailing (3-days): $675.00 


RPC owns a limited number of Optimists that are available for rent at $500 per boat for the season.  The rental fee for a Club 420 is $500 per sailor, and there are only three available.  RPC Members have first priority.  We will hold a lottery to assign boats to members by May 15. 

Do not hesitate to e-mail questions to Amy Leahy and Thomas Flakstad at JrSailing@RockyPointClub.com

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