Change Membership to Non-Resident Status

To: The Members of the RPC Board of Governors

I request permission from the Rocky Point Club Board of Governors to change my membership status to that of Non-Resident. I certify that our primary residence is the address stated below which is located 50 or more miles from Greenwich. I have read and understand the provisions of the Club’s by-laws pertaining to Non-Resident Membership (as set forth below), including the fact that such membership is on an annual basis and at the discretion of the Board of Governors, and agree to comply with such provisions.

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Article II, Section d. Non-Resident

Non-Resident Membership shall be available to Active, Senior, or Inactive Members who transfer primary residence to a location fifty or more miles from Greenwich, provided that such Member retains his or her Club Debenture and Bonds, purchases any new Debenture and Bonds issued during said period of Membership, and pays the annual dues and assessments prescribed for such Membership as required by these By-Laws.  A Non-Resident Member shall have the right to vote but no locker facility will be reserved.  Moreover, such Member's use of the Club facilities shall be limited to a period not to exceed three weeks in any fiscal year. The number of Non-Resident Members shall not exceed twelve (12).  Non-Resident Membership shall be on an annual basis and at the discretion of the Board of Governors.  A Non-Resident Member wishing to renew such status, or to request reinstatement as an Active Member must notify the Board of Governors in writing prior to February 1st .  To fill a vacancy caused by the resignation or other reduction in the number of Active Members such Non-Resident Member shall have priority over any other applicant except an Inactive Member.