Reminder from the Gatehouse

Please note that during the Summer Rocky opens at 9:00 AM on Tuesday through Sunday, no member may enter until the front gate is opened.  

Promptly exit the club at closing time.  A warning bell rings 15 minutes prior to closing.  Please begin packing up at this time.  

Thank You! 

 Click for more information on Friday Food Trucks!

Click for more information on Friday Food Trucks!

Summer Hours


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Rocky Point Club & Swim Across America Team Julian Inner Tube Water Polo Photos!
These photos are sure to put a smile on your face! 
Special thanks to Diane Herman for capturing them! 
To view photos from the RPC SAA Team Julian Inner Tube Water Polo Tournament:

  • Click image to access photo site
  • Select 2018 folder
  • Click 2018 Inner Tube Water Polo
  • Select Team Julian Inner Tube Water Polo (Herman) folder.
  • Malone and Ducret uploads pending. 
Sunday August 5th Red Sox Yankees Rivalry Game at 2 pm!
Show your spirit and wear your team gear!

Thanks again to all for the wonderful support and memorable day.   

“A marine view as picturesque as any that can be found in the world - a little beach of solid stone, a little bay, a slender rocky peninsula, and a lighthouse in the distance, all properly combined with passing boats to suggest the charm of the great ocean.”
— Written by Edward Bigelow, publisher of The Guide to Nature, as he looked out over the waters of Long Island Sound from Rocky Point in 1927.